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Breakfast Burritos Catering in Cottonwood Heights, UT

Order burritos for your next corporate meeting or event with our quick catering services available in Cottonwood Heights, UT. Even Stevens is known for sandwiches with bold flavor and fresh ingredients, and the same goes for tasty warm breakfast burritos. Show your team you appreciate them and get things off to a great start with tasty eggs, meat, and veggies carefully wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Our craft-casual style restaurant offers burrito catering services that are made to your liking and neatly boxed or offered on a platter. We offer a vegan burrito called the New Morrissey Burrito for those who don’t eat meat or dairy, but we have our meat lovers covered with our Undergrad and Grad Burrito options. On top of your choice of sausage, ham, bacon or avocado, we include tots, salsa, and vegetables. Order made-to-order, halved burritos for your early morning business meetings.

Freshly Made, Delicious Breakfast Burritos

Burritos are an excellent breakfast option because they’re so simple and tasty, which is what makes them such a popular choice. At Even Stevens, we use yummy tortillas, meat options, and offer vegan options as well, so everyone can have something they’ll enjoy. Just as with our crafted sandwiches, our breakfast burritos will be just what your team needs to start their day off right. We offer interesting flavor profiles, such as our garlic aioli, sriracha sauce, and roasted veggies. Vegan customers can enjoy tomatoes, onions, and spinach in their burritos along with fresh salsa morita. Our breakfast menu offers a variety of items to choose from, so there’s bound to be something for everyone’s dietary preferences. We put a twist on comfort food that makes it healthier without sacrificing flavor. Bold flavorful food is what we do best. With our catering services, we’ll conveniently bring the burritos to your office in Cottonwood Heights, UT.

Choose Even Stevens for Burrito Catering

Even Stevens is a restaurant offering craft-casual style menu options and catering services for customers across the Cottonwood Heights, UT, area. We have perfected the art of burrito making with our selection of hardy meat, vegetable, and egg filled breakfast burritos. If you’re hosting a corporate event, meeting, or other early morning get-together, you can count on us to quickly make warm, delicious burritos for your team to enjoy. We pay attention to detail with our careful presentation, boxed breakfast options, and platters that give your catered event a special touch. Our team will quickly get your burrito orders ready and deliver them anywhere in Cottonwood Heights for your attendees to have a bite to eat. Our passion for quality food is reflected in every order we fulfill, and we will demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction when you reach out to us for our breakfast burrito catering. We’re sure you’ll have an excellent experience, and we hope you’ll tell a friend!

Order Burritos for Your Catered Event

Breakfast burritos really hit the spot when you’re hungry and when you cater it for your team, it shows you appreciate their effort. Get your meeting or corporate event started on the right foot with our popular halved burritos. You can count on us to make you food with fresh ingredients that always taste great. Order made-to-order burrito catering that is healthy and affordable with vegetarian options available, so everyone can have something that suits their tastes. We offer a variety of options for everyone, and we fulfill group orders as efficiently as possible. Next time you’re planning a catered event, treat your team to our warm, freshly made burritos. Even Stevens prides itself on dishing out fast, flavorful, and healthy foods at an affordable price. Order your breakfast burritos at our craft-casual style restaurant in the Cottonwood Heights, UT, area for boxed or buffet-style platters.