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Breakfast Burrito Catering in Salt Lake City, UT

Whether first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon, breakfast burritos are a delicious and solid meal choice. All that wholesome and tasty goodness bundled in your choice of a flour or GF tortilla, like a gift waiting to be bit into, is exactly why Even Stevens Sandwiches has them on the catering menu. The next time you need to be awesome, our Salt Lake City location can craft a variety of breakfast burritos for your catering order. We use fresh, high-quality ingredients, and favorite flavors in every item on our menu, so you know when you show up with food from Even Stevens Sandwiches, it will be devoured!
Our breakfast burritos are just one more way that we are answering the call for good food fast in Salt Lake. At Even Stevens Sandwiches, we invite you to do more than think outside the box when it comes to treating your office, throw the box away and bring in breakfast burritos instead. Just because ringed bread with a hole in the center has been a staple for years does not mean you have to fall victim to it’s trap. If you showed up at your next meeting, baby shower, Mother’s Day brunch or literally any other event with a tray of catered breakfast burritos from Even Stevens, you would become the crowd favorite. Banish carb-loaded brain-fog forever and let us feed your masses.
As a menu staple, our breakfast burrito catering services are availed all day every day. Even Stevens Sandwiches takes a “craft-casual” approach to our food, making everything from the freshest and best ingredients by people who love what they do. Our catering services allow us to meet your needs and provide you with the quantity of food you need, whether it’s your turn to host a book group or you’ve got an early morning team meeting with half the staff. Delicious food made from the freshest ingredients doesn’t have to be expensive. Our breakfast burrito catering menu is an affordable way to make your next event fun! Plus, it’s available all day, not just in the morning, because let’s face it, anytime is the right time for breakfast.

The Best Breakfast Burritos in Salt Lake

As Salt Lake’s favorite sandwich shop, we felt it our duty to have really, really, really good breakfast burritos on our menu. We have definitely put the Even Stevens spin on it! Our bundles of love start with tasty tortillas, either flour or GF depending on your preference. Next, we pack it full of meat (or not), tots, avocados, eggs, cheese and something for that’ll make you wake up and take notice. Finally, it’s wrapped to perfection, holding all that wholesome goodness in one, convenient handheld package. With the choice of meats and additional veggies, as well as some solid vegetarian and vegan offerings, we can meet all dietary restrictions and requests! The really excellent thing about our breakfast burrito catering menu are your options.

Breakfast Burritos For Pick Up in Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, UT, is a great area to live in. Our downtown location is nestled among homes, businesses and schools, so whether you work around here or live by us, stop in and grab something to eat, and place a catering order for some breakfast burritos. From knit-night and religious gatherings to family reunions and neighborhood parties, there are plenty of opportunities for Even Stevens to take care of the food-prep, so you can live your busy life. And really, when aren’t breakfast burritos the answer?

Order Breakfast Burritos from Even Stevens Today

Our friendly, helpful, pro-champ staff will always happily accommodate any dietary restrictions, so your breakfast burrito catering order is spot-on! And to complete your spread a savory and filling hand-held goodness, we offer fruit and veggie platters. Give us a call today at (801) 953-0357 to place your order from our Salt Lake City, UT, location.

Salt Lake City is our hometown. It’s where we came into the world and came into ourselves. Where founders swung hammers and friends pitched in. It makes sense, Salt Lake is a place where family values are a big deal. We’re loyal to lots of soil, but Even Stevens No. 1 will always be the oldest dirt on our shoes.

SLC. 801. Everyone talks about the mountains. There are sea gulls. It snows. Most of our founding team grew up in the surrounding suburbs, but soon found their calling in the streets of downtown. It’s where things were happening, after all. Food, commerce, college, nightlife. Festivals. Concerts. Local businesses rising. Even our dadly founder Steve Down saw the opportunity.

So, he snagged the perfect place to set up shop: right next door to a 7- Eleven in what was previously a chain Auto Parts store. (Pretty hip, eh?)

And we built a restaurant with our friends. When we hired a design team out of Boise to help with the floorplan, we became friends with them, too. The local Bicycle Collective fashioned chandeliers out of old tire frames. Our founder’s son Trev put cards in the spokes. Lumber from the old drop ceiling turned into tables. Our builders peeled back the tile ceiling to reveal a tall barrel ceiling and, like modern Michangelos, laid hundreds of reclaimed wood slats across it’s bones. Local artist Trent Call hand painted signs and threw a mural on the wall, too. Come by sometime and say hello to it.

We opened on June 24, 2014 and the rest is history unfolding.