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Breakfast Burrito Catering in Sugarhouse, UT

Here we go again, being cool at the unexpected with our breakfast burrito catering services. Among being the sandwich aficionados of Sugarhouse, UT, we are also your go-to for meal catering services. At Even Stevens Sandwiches, we use fresh, high-quality ingredients, and favorite flavors in every item on our menu. Our breakfast burrito catering services is just one more way that we are answering the call for good food fast in Sugarhood.
When it comes to treating your staff to a good breakfast, you could be mundane and stop to get something fried in oil then doused in sugar, ensuring they all suffer from brain fog. Or, you could really take care of them and have Even Stevens in Sugarhouse, UT, create some delicious and wholesome breakfast burritos. Not only will you be the coolest boss around, but you’re helping your team start their day off well.
Our breakfast burritos are available all day, Monday through Saturday, and are an excellent choice for your Sunday brunch. These are a crowd pleaser, no matter the time of day. Even Stevens Sandwiches take a “craft-casual” approach to our food. We thrive on delivering quality, fresh and delicious menu items, like our breakfast burritos. Our catering services allow us to meet your needs and provide you with the quantity of food you need, whether you’re feeding your startup’s staff of 10, or hosting a gender-reveal party for both sides of the family with plenty of friends too, we make it easy. Delicious food made from the freshest ingredients doesn’t have to break the bank. Our breakfast burrito catering menu is an affordable way to make your next event fun! Start off the day with proteins, veggies and a dose of awesome that will keep them going all day long. Plus, our breakfast burrito catering is available all day, not just in the morning. Because let’s face it, anytime is the right time for breakfast.

Ridiculously Delicious Breakfast Burritos

So, why feature really, really, really good breakfast burritos on our menu? Well, as we are Sugarhouse’s favorite sandwich shop, it makes sense to have our own and unique version of the most convenient breakfast sandwich—the burrito. You only need one hand, one mouth and one stomach to fully enjoy our own special version of this culinary masterpiece.
The great thing about our breakfast burrito catering is that you have options. We start with a really tasty tortilla (GF if you need it), that is substantial enough for us to stuff, and light enough to enjoy. Then fill it full of all the good things in life like meat (or not), tots, eggs, cheese and something for that signature kick. With the choice of meats and additional veggies as well as some solid vegetarian and vegan options, we have something to please everyone!

Breakfast Burritos – The Best Way to Start Any Day

Sugarhood is home to many cool things besides the sandwich champions, Even Stevens. This area is a well-established neighborhood and is a great mix of residential with businesses located throughout. With a liberal arts college, a few high schools and middle schools sprinkled among the streets, there are plenty of gatherings that can be easily improved with our breakfast burrito catering service. From early-morning events, day and evening meetings to classes and team practices, there are many opportunities for Even Stevens to make some breakfast burritos.

Order Breakfast Burritos from Even Stevens Today

Our friendly, helpful staff is always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions, so your order is just what you need. In addition, we offer fruit and veggie platters to accompany your breakfast burrito catering order. Give us a call today at (801) 953-0357 to place your order from our Sugarhouse, UT, location.

Fitting that our building would give guests a glimpse into the past of Sugar House. There is a DeLorean in the basement, after all. No, really.

Our nowadays sandwich shop was once the bustling Petty Ford Motor Company, circa the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Here, fine Ford automobiles were serviced, sold and marketed to commuters entering the valley. The property is still owned by the Petty family, who have stashed away a handful of iconic vehicles in a secret underground garage. While we’ve done good to honor the history in our design, guests still have no idea that their 3 o’clock sandwich snarf is taking place over an original and intact Model T Ford. (OK, a new steering wheel was added 40 years ago. That said, a glass floor would be pretty neat.)

Gentleman Keith Petty even raised up his 66’ Thunderbird for our opening night. Prompting us to set a projector on it and turn our patio into a drive-in theatre.

Artifacts in the dining room include a wall sconce made from classic Ford hubcaps, mechanics’ tools, and a Trent Call original mural of classic Sugar Houses signage.